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This page contains a list of officially recorded changes to Cosmoneer. Prior to the Steam release, changes were noted on the offical website's changelog. Since the Steam release, changes have been recorded via the Steam News feed.

Please note the distinction between Cosmoteer Classic and Cosmoteer Modern. Classic refers to the free-to-download Cosmoteer, whereas Modern refers to the paid Steam release of Cosmoteer.

Cosmoteer (Modern) Updates



November 24th 2022

  • Change: Increased the maximum number of crew roles that a ship can have from 20 to 50.
  • Bugfix: Crashes during gameplay with error message "The specified job does not belong to the ship".
  • Bugfix: Crew that become stranded far away from any of your ships would not run out of O2 or count against the fame crew limit. When returning to these crew, they could potentially rejoin your ship(s) and again count towards your crew limit, putting you over the crew limit.
  • Bugfix: Opening the galaxy map while in blueprint mode before any of the blueprints have been constructed would show the "Are you sure you wish to close the build interface?" message but close it anyway even if cancel was clicked.


November 23rd 2022

  • Change: Increased Sensor Array battery capacity from 4 to 8.
  • Optimisation: Significantly improved performance of flying crew, especially when they are off-screen.
  • Optimisation: Improved performance when a lot of resource transfers, trades, or pickups are scheduled.
  • Optimisation: Massively improved performance in the ship editor when there are huge numbers of floating resources.
  • Improvement: Updated the Boost Thruster description to make it clear that power can't be delivered to it while boosting.
  • Bugfix: Long pauses when flying or jumping away from large quantities of floating resources.
  • Bugfix: Possible fix for some desyncs when salvaging, trading, and transferring resources.
  • Bugfix: Possible fix for the "Save Game" button being permanently disabled.
  • Bugfix: Certain mods could prevent ships from appearing in the Ship Library.
  • Change: Lowered the default Max Send Rate from 10000 to 1000, which may solve some connection issues for some players. (This only affects new players.)


November 17th 2022
This patch makes some performance optimizations that may significantly improve mid/late-game performance, especially in multiplayer. More performance optimizations are still coming and are currently my top priority.

  • Optimisation: Significantly improved performance when there are a lot of floating resources.
  • Optimisation: Additional performance improvements when there are a lot of floating resources in multiplayer.
  • Optimisation: Improved performance while crew are trading with space stations.
  • Optimisation: Improved rendering performance of flying crew when zoomed out.
  • Bugfix: Freeze in some circumstances when dragging a collection box around floating resources while multiple ships are selected.
  • Bugfix: Trying to load a saved game while playing "multiplayer" with only one player would show a message that says "Waiting for 0 votes" and not actually load the saved game.
  • Bugfix: Garbled text when viewing stats for the Mine Factory while using the Spanish translation.
  • Improvement: Fixed a handful of issues with the French and Simplified Chinese translations.
  • Improvement: Minor tweaks to the German translation.


November 14th 2022

  • Bugfix: Possible fix for multiplayer desyncs when jumping within a star system.
  • Bugfix: The Medium and Large Imperium Trade Stations did not have the appropriate amount of resources stocked.
  • Bugfix: Crash and text display issues when Windows is configured to use some unusual characters as decimal points.


November 12th 2022

  • Change: Reduced ion beam range from 450 to 300. (For clarity, the damage that the ion beam does at any particular range is unchanged.)
  • Addition: Added 1x3 wedge decals.
  • Bugfix: Multiplayer desyncs caused when a ship is instructed to salvage or mine a part just before another ship finishes salvaging or mining the same part.
  • Change: When playing using Proton or WINE, multicore optimizations will now be automatically disabled to prevent freezes. (Equivalent to the '--cores 1' launch argument.) To restore multicore optimizations, use the '--cores 0' launch argument. (But if you do this you will likely get occasional random game freezes.)


November 11th 2022

  • Addition: When playing a multiplayer Career or Creative mode game, the host can now load a saved game without returning to the pre-game setup screen. Upon selecting a saved game to load, all players will be asked to vote on whether to load the saved game, and if the vote is unanimous, the game will be loaded. (This feature is somewhat experimental. Use with caution and please report any bugs or crashes caused by it.)
  • Change: Slightly increased resource costs for the new armor+structure hybrid pieces.
  • Improvement: Pressing a ship's F1-F8 key while its parts are selected will now unselect the parts and select the ship.
  • Bugfix: Multiplayer desyncs sometimes caused by trade ships jumping in via hyperjump gates.
  • Bugfix: Weapon projectiles and beams were being rendered beneath the structure of the new armor+structure triangle piece.


November 10th 2022

  • Addition: Added new aesthetic armor and structure pieces, including 1x3 wedge armor and structure, triangle structure, and armor+structure hybrid wedges.
  • Change: Fixed the Spanish translation incorrectly translating "HAIL" as "GRANIZO". (Now translates as "SALUDAR".)
  • Bugfix: Deleting destroyed command rooms could erroneously trigger the "INSUFFICIENT COMMAND POINTS" message.
  • Bugfix: Crash in some circumstances soon after resuming from a multiplayer desync.


November 8th 2022

  • Bugfix: Multiplayer desyncs caused by repeatedly right-clicking on floating resources to collect them.


November 8th 2022

  • Addition: Six new built-in faction ships: Atlas, Maia, Merope, Odysseus, Rufescent, and Rochre.
  • Change: Fixes and tweaks to 22 other built-in ships.
  • Change: The "contiguous selection mode" (Ctrl) of the select tool will now only select parts/decals of the same type.
  • Change: The name of the current online lobby will now be displayed at the top of the pre-game setup screen.
  • Bugfix: If a bounty target is destroyed before its bounty area is discovered, that would leave the final exploration mission uncompletable. This fix should work retroactively for existing saves. (If you travel to a star system and the exploration mission is still uncompletable, try saving and reloading.)
  • Bugfix: Crash in multiplayer Creative mode if switching to a different star system while there is an in-progress explosion.
  • Bugfix: Crash when subscribing to a collection of ship packs in the Steam Workshop when one or more of the individual packs is already subscribed.
  • Bugfix: The crew and resource transfer windows didn't have the usual "glass" background effect.


November 7th 2022

  • Bugfix: Random desyncs during multiplayer Career games caused by trade ships either jumping in or spawning near the player.


November 6th 2022

  • Bugfix: Error loading or crashes during some saved games that were saved while using certain mods that increased floating resource capacities but are now deactivated, uninstalled, or modified to reduce resource capacities.


November 4th 2022

  • Addition: It is now possible to build new ships from scratch in Career mode by clicking the new "Build New Ship" button to the right of the mission log button.
  • Addition: You can now choose the location of the build grid when creating a new ship from scratch in Creative Mode.
  • Change: Translation updates for Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Improvement: The crew transfer window will no longer automatically close when starting a transfer.
  • Improvement: If there is an error submitting in-game feedback, the text in the feedback window will now be remembered the next time it is opened.
  • Improvement: Re-sorted the list of multiplayer game modes so that Career and Creative modes are at the top of the list.
  • Change: It is no longer possible to drag the Doodads window off the screen.
  • Change: Reduced the volume of the radar ping and enemy alert sounds by half.
  • Change: Master audio volume for new players now defaults to 50%.
  • Bugfix: The large gold asteroid doodad was incorrectly labeled as a sulfur asteroid.


November 4th 2022

  • Bugfix: Stuck sending/recieving when trying to load very large saved game files in multiplayer.


November 3rd 2022

  • Addition: Added a "Max Send Rate" setting to the Miscellaneous settings. This will limit the maximum amount of data that Cosmoteer can send every second, measured in kilobytes per second. The default is 10000 (10 MBps).
  • Bugfix:' Multiplayer games with more than two players could experience disconnects when loading or resyncing large game files.
  • Bugfix: Rare "Audio groups not yet initialized" crash when starting Cosmoteer.
  • Bugfix: Freeze in very specific circumstances when a formation of ships approaches a point of interest or custom marker.
  • Bugfix: The "When Enemy Spotted" setting was being hidden when the "Show Blips For Off-Screen Ships" setting was disabled.


November 1st 2022

This updates makes significant performance improvements to flying crew and floating resources. I hope it will significantly improve mid/late-game performance. More optimizations are still coming.

  • Optimisation: Massively improved rendering and simulation performance of floating resource nuggets.
  • Optimisation: Massively improved simulation performance of crew that don't have a "home" ship to which they belong.
  • Optimisation: Modest simulation performance increase to flying crew even if they do have a home ship.
  • Optimisation: Small performance improvement in most situations related to crew jobs.
  • Reversion: Restored the "Minimum Target F.P.S." option, but using the old algorithm which wasn't causing any problems.
  • Improvement: The virtual on-screen keyboard will now only be shown when running on Steam Deck instead of whenever Big Picture Mode is being used.
  • Bugfix: Cosmoteer would sometimes load mods in a different order, which could cause multiplayer incompatibility. Mods will now always be loaded in alphabetical order as determined by their ID.


October 31st 2022

  • Removal: Removed the "Minimum Target F.P.S." feature because it was causing game speed to fluctuate unintentionally.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue that could cause framerate to "death spiral" when the game was unable run as fast as the desired game speed.


October 31st 2022

  • Improvement: The "Minimum Target F.P.S" setting (previously just called "Target F.P.S.") should now do a better job of slowing down the game simulation to improve the framerate.
  • Improvement: When specifying an angle of attack, the angle will now by default be relative to the enemy ship's rotation. This can be changed in the settings or by holding the Alt key.
  • Bugfix: Multiplayer desyncs while traveling to a new star system.
  • Bugfix: Desync in multiplayer when a ship touches a sun.
  • Bugfix: Crash if a Domination mode game desyncs.
  • Bugfix: Rare crash on some computers whose file systems don't support certain non-English characters such as 'ü'.


October 29th 2022

  • 'Bugfix:' Multiplayer desyncs caused by initiating resource transfers, trades, or pickups.


October 28th 2022

  • Bugfix: Desyncs in multiplayer when jumping to another star system and at least one player has the "Auto-Save Before Hyper-Jump" setting turned on.
  • Bugfix: Possible fix for disconnects that happen after desyncing in multiplayer.
  • Bugfix: Crash when connecting to a multiplayer game using the "Connect to IP" feature while the Online tab is selected.


October 27th 2022

  • Change: Hopefully improved multiplayer connection reliability, especially when loading saved games or recovering from desyncs.
  • Addition: Added an "Enable Desync Debugging" option to the Misc settings. If enabled, .rec files for multiplayer games will be generated with extra information that will help the developer debug desyncs, but performance will be somewhat reduced. If you are getting desyncs while playing multiplayer, please turn this option on and then, if you get a desync, send the latest .rec file from Cosmoteer's Logs folder to the developer.


October 26th 2022

  • Bugfix: Crash with some save files when jumping to another star system.
  • Bugfix: Crash in some circumstances if the player was using a mod that allowed doors to be placed in otherwise-illegal locations and then deactivating the mod.
  • Bugfix: Crash in PvP multiplayer if a player sends a team-only chat message and you are an observer.
  • Bugfix: Crash in multiplayer if two ships are simultaneously told to follow each other at a specific position.
  • Bugfix: Crash if additional built-in formations are added using mods when hovering the mouse cursor over them.
  • Bugfix: Rare crash when backing out of the multiplayer screen.
  • Bugfix: It was impossible to hail certain stations with insufficient crew.
  • Addition: Added an error message on the title screen if for some reason Cosmoteer is unable to connect to the Steam client.


October 25th 2022

  • Bugfix: Errors loading saved game thumbnails will no longer crash Cosmoteer.
  • Bugfix: Erroneous "Thanks for pirating" message on some computers.


October 24th 2022

  • Bugfix: Rare crash while crew are putting out fires.
  • Bugfix: When playing Career mode co-op with multiple people controlling the same "shared player", mission credit rewards would be reduced as if each person was controlling their own player.
  • Bugfix: The scoreboard and match results for multiplayer Domination games had corrupted text when multiple players were on the same team.


October 24th 2022

  • Bugfix: Rare "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error loading some saved games. Those saved games should now load fine.

Cosmoteer (Classic) Updates








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