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Resources are various nuggets or secondary components used in factories or weaponry. Generally, resources fall into three categories: Raw Resources, Refined Resources, and Ammunition.

Depending on the category, they can be mined from asteroids, salvaged from ships, or produced by factories. All resources may be bought from stations or trade ships, depending on their inventory at the time.

Raw Resources

Raw resources originate from asteroids, and are mainly used for producing either ammunition or refined resources, with the exception of Hyperium which is used directly in a Small Hyperdrive. They stack to 5 per m2 of storage, again with the exception of Hyperium which stacks to 20 per m2.

All raw resources can be mined by crew, but some asteroid sections are harder and require a Mining Laser to extract their full value.

Refined Resources

Refined resources are used to build parts, and can either be salvaged from ships or produced by factories.


Ammunition is used to supply Projectile Weapons, and can be produced by factories or salvaged from some ships. (Not all ships carry ammunition.)