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Cosmoteer is a game where you can design and simulate the starship of your dreams! Command it in epic battles and manage your crew while exploring a dangerous galaxy. Play alone or with friends, test your ship in online PvP, and let your imagination reach for the stars!

Design awesome starships using intuitive ship creation tools that are easy to learn but hard to master. Fully customize your ship's shape and floor plan, choosing where to place individual modules including, engines, hallways, and crew's quarters. Your ship's design is key to its survival, and every decision you make will impact its performance in battle. Easily share your designs with others through the SteamIcon.pngSteam Workshop and DiscordIcon.png Discord.

Become the most famous Cosmoteer in the universe by battling A.I. ships, taking on contracts for factions, earning loot, and upgrading your own ship while exploring a procedurally-generated galaxy, alone or in online co-op with friends. Then test your ship design and command skills online against other players in multiple PvP battle modes. Or let your imagination fly free in the Creative Mode where you can build whatever you want with unlimited resources.

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Patch 0.26.0

March 13th 2024
Cosmoteer update 0.26.0 is now available!

This update adds the Modular Rocket Thruster (M.R.T.), a new modular thruster that is constructed out of multiple individual parts, similar to the Railgun. The M.R.T. consists of three different modular parts:

  • Rocket Nozzle: Like the Railgun Launcher, this goes on the outside of your ship pointing in the direction of thrust. By itself it has the same thrust as a Huge Thruster, but it can also be extended with the...
  • Rocket Extender: These go directly behind the Nozzle or another Extender and are analogous to Railgun Accelerators. Each one increases the thrust by +100%, as well as increasing power usage and ramp-up time. (Note that there is no "end module" equivalent of the Railgun Loader.) Unlike Railgun Accelerators, if an Extender (or even the Nozzle itself) runs out of power, the thruster as a whole will continue to function but without that individual extender's contribution.
  • Rocket Fuel Pod: Unlike normal thrusters, both the Nozzle and Extender have very limited battery capacity (only 2 batteries each), so they'll run out of power very quickly. But you can add up to two Fuel Pods attached to the sides of each Nozzle or Extender to provide +4 batteries per Fuel Pod.

By allowing more of a ship's total thruster power to be housed within the ship's interior, these new M.R.T.s should significantly increase the variety of viable ship shapes and designs.

Have fun!
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