Missile & Mine Launcher

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Launches missiles or mines of any type.
The type of munition launched can be changed at any time during or after construction, even during battle.

The Missile & Mine Launcher is a projectile weapon. It launches missiles of varying types, and proximity mines.


High-Explosive Missiles

High-Explosive Missiles cause significant damage over a small area.

HE Missile.png
High-Explosive Missile
Max Damage: 15,000/shot (7,500/sec)
Damage Area: 4 meter radius
Rate of Fire: 0.5 shots/sec
Range: 450 meters
Firing Arc: 360°
Launch Speed: 45 meters/sec
Acceleration: 65 meters/sec²
Guidance: 240°/sec
Durability: 800
Assembled From: 4 parts/missile
Sound (Hit):

Electromagnetic Pulse Missiles

Electromagnetic Pulse Missiles drain power from enemy systems in a very large area.

EMP Missile.png
Electromagnetic Pulse Missile
Damage: 300/shot (50/sec)
Power Drain On Hit: 18/shot (3/sec)
Power Drain Area: 18 meter radius
Rate of Fire: 0.167 shots/sec
Range: 700 meters
Firing Arc: 360°
Launch Speed: 45 meters/sec
Acceleration: 75 meters/sec²
Guidance: 120°/sec
Durability: 3,200
Assembled From: 9 parts/missile
Sound (Hit):

Nuclear Missiles

Tactical Nuclear Missiles cause massive damage in a very large area.

Nuclear Missile.png
Nuclear Missile
Max Damage: 200,000/shot (20,000/sec)
Damage Area: 10 meter radius
Rate of Fire: 0.1 shots/sec
Range: 250 meters
Firing Arc: 200°
Launch Speed: 100 meters/sec
Acceleration: 500 meters/sec²
Acceleration Delay: 1.25 seconds
Durability: 7,200
Assembled From: 12 parts/missile
Sound (Hit):


Mines explode when in proximity to enemy ships, launching damaging shrapnel.

Mine Armed.png
Salvo: 2 shots (6/sec)
Rate of Fire: 0.33 shots/sec
Range: 150 meters
Firing Arc: 90°
Launch Speed: 100 meters/sec
Deploy Speed: < 30 meters/sec
Durability: 3,200
Separation: 23 meters
Detonation Range: 20 meters
Shrapnel: 16
Sound (Armed):
Mine Shrapnel.png
Damage: 4,800
Penetration: 2 meters
Starts Fires: 40% chance/tile
Range: 40 meters
Speed: 35 meters/sec